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Because you can



In the end, You need to make the most out of every opportunity that God puts before you.  I will help you to be still and listen to God’s encouragement, follow him with a joyful thankful heart, and give God all the glory.  Remember, God loves us so much he wants us to blossom but only thru and with him.


Everyone is called to a different path with the Lord.   We must remember that each path is unique to him or her.   My style of coaching is faith-based and encourages everyone to their individual strengths and goals. 


Don’t let anyone convince you to take a different path than what your heart and God is calling you to do. 


For instance, My husband and I drive a lot back and forth to Minnesota from Arizona.  When my husband drives, he likes to stay on the freeways and settle into the cruise control, and hum along with the rest of the traffic.   I like to take the windy country roads where it is more desolate and sometimes off the beaten path.   Though both routes are different they both end up at the same destination.  


I always have God as my guide, and I know he has me by my right hand. Now with God by my side who could be against me?  I know God will never give up on me and if he isn’t going to give up on me then I am not going to give up on myself.  And you shouldn’t either.  

When I go thru things, I ask God to help me learn what he needs me to learn.  For it is in the imperfect things in life that God uses to strengthen us.

Sometimes in the struggle is where we learn the most.   Nothing good will ever be easy, but that is what makes it an experience. 

That is how I coach, I will challenge you, motivate you and encourage you on an individual level.  I have no tech tools and won’t send you generic emails and texts.   I listen, understand, and with God's help guide you to your goals.  I only take on so many clients at a time.  Connect with me today and see where your next journey can take you.




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